Additional Laser Therapy - CELL-U-LIGHT

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Ring in the new year with this around your neck and you’ll likely be bringing it into the next! Ring worm is a pesky little fungus that can be difficult to treat and not want to leave it’s nice little retreat. Just 2 treatments in 1 week with my class IV laser and as you can see it’s completely gone.. not even a peep.  Issues that involve the skin are my favorite because it demonstrates just how powerful LASER therapy is on damaged, dis-eased, deteriorating, unhealthy cells and how complete healing from within without any medication or surgery takes place. Think.. if it can do that to what you can visibly see imagine what it can do/does to all the cells that make up your entire body with full body Red Light Therapy!

Completely gone… No surgery, no invasive procedure, no scars. Healed at the cellular level from the inside out using only red light! LASERs are powerful devices to treat pain and inflammation and I love using them on my patients for quick effective treatment and recovery.. but pain can’t be seen. THIS is why I love working with skin issues.. the results are objective as well as subjective. Just think.. if LASERs achieve these results as seen on the outside with rogue, disregulated, dysfunctional cells.. imagine what it’s doing and capable of with all the internal cells not seen by the eye!

A picture is worth a thousand words… Thermography makes pain visual.. this patient of mine had severe shoulder pain from his repetitive work as a tile layer. The colors of white, red and orange shows varying degrees of heat due to inflammation from the injury. The first pic is before any laser treatments, the second was after three class IV laser treatments… inflammation significantly reduced and pain went from an 8 to 1 by the third treatment.

A brown recluse spider bite. 2 treatments with Class IV laser and completely healed. No scar.. no remnants of necrotic tissue damage. Healing at the cellular level from the inside out is where it’s at.

A painful, spreading, non-responsive yeast infection!! My patient first showed me her rash back in October 2022. I told her about using the laser but she decided to go the conventional route of multiple different oral and topical medications only to have it worsen over the months. Her doctors kept trying something different and the rash kept getting more angry and painful. She finally agreed to the laser treatments and to stop all the aforementioned medications.

Before (Shingles)

After - Two days after 1 treatment
in TheraLight Bed

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