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My experience with the bed is entirely positive, albeit in a couple different ways. At first, I used it in the late afternoon and while I was using it to tame inflammation of the body, I found that it brought me an unexpected sense of mental calmness in the evening. Possibly even helping me sleep. Eventually I switched to the morning, and in this case I found it had the opposite effect Now it was giving me nice, clean, good energy throughout the day. I'd always relied on caffeine to get me over the midday hump but, I found myself not needing it after Ive done the bed in the morning. Overall, it's just a very beneficial thing I've found for me personally.  - Jesse R.

I have my wife back!!! After just 3 treatments she and I could tell a vast improvement in overall function, mobility, mood and stress levels. Thank you Dr. Reddy for introducing us to Red Light therapy and the benefits of full body treatment.  Dr. Reddy... You Rock!!   F.S.

You know what's interesting is I missed the bed all week last week and my depression came back on Thursday!! It's been bad too . Even my husband noticed the difference. It definitely works for mental health!!! G.R.

Once I started the Theralight red light therapy, after the 4th day I noticed increased energy, mood elevation, and was sleeping more sound. I have extra energy to get projects done that I have been putting off. No way to describe it but just an overall good feeling. My husband even noticed a difference. - Gina E.

I can’t say enough about the TheraLight bed. I began going to help with pain and inflammation I was having from 5 herniated discs in my neck and one bulging disc in my lower back. I have tried chiropractic, massage therapy and stem cells. So I decided to try the TheraLight. Within the first few weeks of using the bed I noticed a remarkable difference. My pain was nearly nonexistent. I didn’t know a lot about red light therapy at the time, so I was very surprise to find my skin looked so much better, I was now sleeping through the night, a noticeable elevated mood and more energy. I have stopped going to my red light therapy 2 times and both times within about 3 weeks I am back in pain, skin looking more wrinkled, not sleeping well and feeling sluggish. But when I get back to my red light therapy, I’m back to feeling great!! -Jennifer A.

I started having the TheraLight Red light bed treatments Nov. 17, 2021. I had the treatments 2-3 times a week. After a few months it decreased the swelling and pain from osteoarthritis in one of my fingers. I had been getting cortisone injections which did not last. My energy has improved significantly allowing me to do my gardening which I love and work more hours without being throughly exhausted. I also lost nearly 30 pounds to date. - Charlon S.

71 year old male underwent spinal surgery a year ago and diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis… he hasn’t been able to play golf in almost 2 years. His wife and I had been trying for a year now to get him to try the Red light therapy and he continued to decline because he was afraid he would be unable to drive himself to his appointments… when he lost ALL HOPE with all the medication his doctors had tried, he finally agreed and started our TheraLight Full Body Red Light Bed and within 3 weeks started playing golf again, in fact twice in four days!! He’s seeing his prescribing physician today about getting off the year long prescribed Cortisone for the pain and inflammation he was debilitated by but is now thankful and gratefully significantly reduced. He’s finally feeling like himself again!! - Dr. R

I have suffered with neuropathy of my feet for over 20 years. My very first time using the TheraLight Red light bed, I could feel my feet. This therapy has been a game changer. Thank you Dr. Reddy for making this therapy available for all of us. You are so appreciated. - R.B.

All new hair growth!!! She’s been using our TheraLight full body red light bed since October 2022.. Within 3 months she noticed a significant increase in the thickness of her hair along with many other benefits since being in the bed. This has become a common benefit of my patients, myself included. My hair has always been extremely thin and it has more than doubled in thickness.

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